Working to Provide Cycling Opportunities for Everyone to Enjoy.
For anyone who isn't able to manage a two-wheeled bike, for whatever reason, the Cycling Project has a variety of equipment in different sizes for you to try.

Bicycles with Stabilisers A boost to confidence, whatever your age.
Tricycles All the fun of cycling on three wheels, with the option of a supported or recumbent seat.
Handcycles More cycling fun. The rider powers the front wheel by hand - great for a wide range of abilities.
Quadcycles and Go Karts Cycling fun on four wheels.

Bicycles Made for Two Fun with a friend on the Wheeleasy side by side handcycle or regular Side by Side cycle or a Harmony Trandem which is a handcycle or wheelchair at the front and bicycle at the back or perhaps the Kettwiesel recumbent tandem.

Cycles can be used both indoors and out - enjoy the countryside on a safe off-road trail or practice your skills in a sports hall - the choice is yours! The Cycling Project works with manufacturers to research, adapt and design new equipment. New types of cycles to meet your needs are regularly introduced.

Presentation on the WFA Tyne here


• Disabled children and adults can join in with their family and friends.
• The elderly can rediscover the pleasure of cycles.
• Those with learning difficulties can enjoy mastering a new skill.
• Those who are temporarily disabled need not be inactive.
• All will enjoy the experience and gain the health benefits of active exercise.


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