Healthy Cycling club - Eccles Track

Thanks to a grant from the Local Network Fund for children and young people, disabled youngsters have been able to enjoy cycling at the "Wheels for All" Centre,Cleavley Track, Winton, Eccles. The initiative has been christened the "Healthy Cycling Club" and as you can see from the pictures the young people are getting plenty of healthy exercise whilst improving their cycling skills.

Access to exercise can be really difficult for young people with disabilities and differing needs; cycling is a great activity, as friends and family can cycle too. The young people really value being independent, choosing from the different types of cycles and learning to ride the wide range of cycles available to them. The athletics track provides a safe environment and there are even waterproofs available to borrow if it rains.
Refreshments are available and, depending on the season, either the hot chocolate or the squash is in great demand.

Here are a selection of photos for the group.Click on the thumbnails for larger images

If you would like to find out more information or attend one of the sessions please contact the WFA office on 0161 7455 9944 or email



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