What we do

Bikelinks helps Community Groups get started on cycling projects to encourage young people to: learn about bikes, find local routes, fix up old donated cycles, provide workshop and job related skills,use cycles as a source of cheap and clean transport, and develop health benefits.

Get going Grants

Bikelinks can offer Community Groups a "get going" grant in the region of 200 worth of materials or tools.

We can also help with hands on training to get the project started, giving your staff vaulable help and assistance whilst the project develops.


Bikelinks can run events and taster sessions such as Bike Doctor sessions or cycle skills.

We can train up your staff on how to run sessions and work alongside if need be


Training can be at your location or at a regional centre to cover topics such as Bike Mech cycle maintenance, Safer Cycling, Fundraising or a similar course. Training is free to Bikelinks groups who promote cycling in socially excluded areas.

Training course information, more info

Bikelinks is part funded by the Ashden Trust, one of the Sainsburys Family Group of Charitable Trusts.The Trust is governed by UK charity law and its interests include community arts, the relief of homelessness, urban regeneration and environmental issues in the UK and overseas.

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How can we help - Contact Ray at Bikelinks for any of your community needs regarding running a cycling activity.



Email Ray Pugh Bikelinks Development Officer

Information Sheets

Bikelinks provide web based information sheets on the following:

Cycling Safety,




Funding chart

Insurance ,

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